Lady Juanita

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Where Dr Obi discovers that he can type in lower case, that Lady Kanobe-Vader has become beneficiary of the fund, Dr Obi is planning to come to Australia and that a visit to Ghana is on the cards. The spelling is not flash.

Dear Mrs Juanita Kamb-Vader,

Thank you for the bank account you sent to me yesterday.

Right now, our deal has commence in less than one week, the money will be in your account by the Grace of God.

Now you are the original beneficiary of the fund. In case you receive any call or any fax from the Central Bank of Nigeria, please let me know. You should be given me information between you and the bank.

Try and cooperate with them because they are the people that will release the fund to your bank account in Australia. Be inform that as soon as we receive the approvals from the ministries involved you are to come down to neighbouring country Ghana the capital of Accra to sign for the release of the fund.

If yo know you can't come, you can take the services of a lawyer from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Time is not on our side we just have to finish it before next weekend. We have to travel with you back to your country for our share.

Mr Howard brown has travelled out of Nigeria. Please I am very sorry for your sickness I pray for your speedy recovery. Extend my greetng to your husband. Confidentiality will be your watch ward.

I remain, yours sincerely,


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