Lady Juanita

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Where Lady Kanobe-Vader enquires about the Australian Ambassador and relays the sad news of the injury caused by her champion courgette, Ratatouille:

Dear Dr Obi,

Firstly I must apologise for calling you 'Dr Patrick'; it was a careless error on my part and I hope you took no offence.

Thank you for your reply to my letter. I am pleased that the Australian staff in Lagos spoke well of us. Is Howard Brown still in charge there? If he is please give him my regards.

What you say about the 'deal' is most intriguing and I will put the information you require at the end of this letter. Things are fairly tight at the moment and the extra money would come in very useful.

Our private telephone and facsimile number is at the foot of this letter. I am a little embarrassed to say that, at the moment, I cannot take telephone calls. One of our champion Courgettes, 'Ratatouille', reared suddenly during her morning work-out a week ago and hit me in the throat. The impact split my larynx and it will take a while to heal. Lord Vader is out supervising the work in the west paddock all week and so I am living a very quiet life.

Thank heavens for the facsimile!

I remain, yours sincerely,

Lady Juanita Kanobe-Vader.

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