Lady Juanita

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Lady Juanita is very surprised and tries to wind up the whole sorry affair...

My Dearest Obi Dr Patrick,


That number belongs to a man calling himself Engineer John Akpeki.

Mavis Bramston had a long and physically juicy correspondence with him as he tried to trick lots of money and gifts from her.

He said he worked for some tin-pot company called the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Can you believe anyone would do that and THEN SAY THAT THEY DIDN'T KNOW POOR MAVIS?


I think he must just be broken hearted. Try again.

Love & Kisses

Juanita to you, but Mavis to Johnny the Cobra.

P.S. Keep Smiling Doctor, you've just had some of your own medicine.

P.P.S. This fax number is going off the air as I go off on a holiday. To get away from all those pesky courgettes. All correspondence (not that I expect any) to (03) 9646 4314)

Thanks, it's been fun.

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