Lady Juanita

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Where Lady Juanita is puzzled that her plan is not well received...

Dear Dr Obi Patrick,

Have I done the wrong thing? I was so happy that I had found a secure way to bring the money to you AND deal with the power of attorney.

Part of the reason I took this route is htat there would have been unavoidable delays clearing foreign transfer due to the Federal Government's new Funds Transfer & Movement Act (1997) designed to hinder the passage of money from the country in financialcrises like that occurring just to the north of us.

Sorry, but I thought I was doing something good for you.

The courier, who is travelling on a diplomatic passport, is named Mavis Bramston. She has already left on her trip. As thgere is no direct flilght to Nigeria I have sent a message to her via KLM to collect five duty-free Rolex watches as she goes through the appropriate airport. Amsterdam, I think.

I must admit that this notion of giving gifts is most irregular and will probably give my accountant a fit when he does the books next July. But the income side should impress him, don't you think?

Miss Bramston is taking important papers to a design engineer in Ajuba. I need to confirm contact details for her in Nigeria today and will advise yo as soon as I know them.

Yours faithfully, Lady Juanita Kanobe-Vader.

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