Lady Juanita

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Lady Juanita finds a courier to take the money order to Nigeria to pay the lawyer who will execute Power of Attorney...

My Dear Dr Patrick,

I have good news, nay great news!

Today I was in at our solicitor's office to fax through the Power of Attorney to you. After it had gone through I was talking (well, not really talking, writing notes on a shorthand pad) to one of the partners in the office and mentioned that I was about to go to Western Union to transfer money to Nigeria.

As luck would have it, and I need some luck, the firm has a courier going to Nigeria and I have organised for them to take an international money order with them. They also have my power of attorney to sign the documents on my behalf.

Please thank Dr Garba for his kind offer to help.

I nearly made a silly mistake with the money order, though. The lady at the bank thought I was a right dill because she had nearly completed the order in Australian dollars when it dawned on me that it should probably be in US dollars. Never mind, I fixed it up.

I have given the courier your name and telephone number and tomorrow I will send you details of where she may be contacted. I think she is staying in Abuja. Is that near Lagos?

You wont forget to ask your wife for a recipe for me, will you?

Yours sincerely, Juanita.

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