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This was a revelation to me. It was quite clear that the Nigerians are totally out of touch with the real world. Or just totally blnded by their own greed. In this story, Lord Vader (he of the dark side of the Force) and his wife Juanita have retired to western Victoria to raise pedigree stud courgettes (zucchinis, to some people). One day they receive a letter asking them to help in a business transaction. Now read on...

  1. Opening gambit
  2. The Australian Embassy
  3. A kick from a courgette
  4. I'll meet you in Ghana
  5. Ghana?
  6. Lord Vader's accident
  7. Power of attorney
  8. Miss Nice Norks
  9. A courier to the rescue
  10. The sting
  11. Cameo visit from Mavis Bramston
  12. We are in a fix...
  13. I am very surprised!
  14. Dr Obi Patrick keeps trying.
  15. You have made me look stupid.
  16. Please read carefully: