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Where Rhonda wonders just how 'Marvellous' Mr Okafor is.

My Dear Marvellous,

Really! Married men DO have something to talk about when it comes to their love life!

Many of my clients are married men. You see, they come to me because I am willing to do the things that their wives no longer do.

Is there anything that your wife no longer does, Mr Okafor? For that matter, is there anything you desire that she never did?

Tell me about it. Perhaps I can help. You never know.

I have rectified the paperwork.

The code. Yes, okay. 'Love' and 'Marvellous' are fine by me. I would like to put you to the test before I call you 'marvellous'; what if you are just 'acceptable' or 'average'? Could I call you my 'little black banana'?

These code names are all very mysterious.

You are not in danger, are you?

Take care, God bless,

Love, Rhonda.

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