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Where a naked Rhonda answers a few questions and drops a few hints...

My Dear Okafor,

May I call you Okafor? I am a little confused as to whether your first name is Davis or Okafor. What would you like me to call you? You mention a 'code' in your letter.

You can call me Rhonda. I think I would like to know you better before you used anything else but I am open for suggestions.

First things first: I have no children. I thoroughly enjoy the process that leads up to getting them though! Perhaps when I meet a man able to satisfy all my physical needs in that respect I will be happy to carry his child as well.

I am single, 25yrs old and blonde. I am 5'8" tall and weigh 62kg. My breasts are, if anything, a fraction too big. I do daily vaginal exercises and, without touching it with my hands, I can suck a banana into my vagina and with a sudden squeeze shoot it out across the room. Once it went out the window! Talk about laugh! I couldn't stop!

Tell me about your fantasies Okafor. Have you ever had sex with a white woman?

Anyway, enough of that, on to the purpose of this letter.

I am a little puzzled. In your original letter to me you mentioned US$41.5 Million but on the invoice you mention US$31.5 million. What happened to the missing US$10 Million? I have done the invoice anyway. Please advise me if I have to alter it.

You mention meeting on neutral ground. I don't understand. Why is this necessary?

Finally, you seem very concerned about my trustworthiness and make repeated comments about confidentiality. Do you need me to send a bond to show my good faith? How much should I send?

I must go now. I probably shouldn't tell you this but I am sitting here naked as I type this!

Can you imagine it?  Good Night!


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