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Where Rhonda asks forgiveness for being a little cheeky:

Dear Mr Okafor,

I am sorry.

Please forgive me, I was being cheeky. It was most unprofessional of me to ask how endowed you were. I was not enquiring about your financial status as a civil servant but more your physical status as a man.

The fact that you have two children tells me that it works; its size and how well it performs is your wife's business not mine.

Well, it is MY business but not OUR business; do you understand?

It was just professional interest.

Anyway, I am sure that I can see my way to help you with your endeavours regarding the transfer of money thing.

What do you want me to now?

Yours apologetically, Rhonda Vu.

PS: Will I have to come to Nigeria? Should I organise a passport?

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