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Where Plato Souppe, executor of Minestrone Souppe's (aka Rhonda) will enquires about any unfinished business.

Dear Mr Okafor,


Thank you for your letter dated March 10. I can only apologise for my tardy reply. I have had a lot to do as the Executor of Min's estate and we are all still in shock over the brutality of her murder. I wrote to you in the hope that you may have been able to give us a clue as to her killer. The police suspect that the killer was one of her regular clients; I had hoped that she may have mentioned something to you. Alas not, it seems.

So, Yes, Min (or as you knew her, Rhonda) is truly dead. I must admit that I have trouble coping with the fact myself; it is almost as if she never was. You sent your regards to our mother, Consomme. Did you know her too? Sadly she also is dead. She died a few weeks prior to Min. Min was very distressed and depressed about it. It has been a horrible year for the family.

Forgive me if I sound blunt now but I must ask a personal question: you said that you were having a business dealing with Min. As executor of her will I am entrusted with closing and settling all unfinished issues that relate to her estate. Is there any debt or obligation owed to you or your company by Min's company (Puttanesca Pty Ltd, trading as Business Girls) that relates to the business dealings you were conducting with her?

Under the Estate Duties & Management Act (1978) creditors to an estate have thirty days to present any claims.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely, Plato Souppe.

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