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Where John Smith reaches new highs (or lows) in insulting Davies Okafor and pulls out of the whole deal. Will this be enough incentive for Davies Okafor to turn him in as a self-confessed murderer?


You insult me greatly. I can take no more.

I have difficulty deciding if you are a moor-brained peon or a pea-brained moron.

True, you did not tell me that you needed $7,500. You told me that you needed $6,000 and that I would only be able to send $5,000 per transaction through Western Union.

I was offering you the friendly advice that Western Union had now lifted their limits. Obviously you do not care about this. I actually was trying to help you. It wont happen again.

No, I am not sleeping WITH my friend. If you had taken the time to actually READ my letter (can you read?) you would have found that I said "I am sleeping at a friend's place." Not with them. A subtle point but subtleties obviously elude you.

Why should I resend the information that you appear to have lost regarding the bank account? You seem to be totally incompetent; anyone with an ounce of smarts would have closed this deal a long time ago. You've been living amongst those thick black bastards for a little too long - some of their dopiness has worn off on you.

Incompetent Welsh fool.

In the light of the things happening around me I am losing interest in your money. What good is it to me on the gallows? I am better off at sea.

I hope you venture fails miserably, you moron. You deserve to be fucked with a barbed wire rope and left to rot in the midday sun. If there is a God worth his salt then this is exactly what will happen to you. It is the incompetence's of near-humans like you that put the whole future of the human race in jeopardy. I've met budgies with more nous than you.

Your only saving grace is that you had the good fortune not to be born black.

Then again perhaps you deserve it.


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