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Where Mr Smith has problems sending the money and says that the murder confession in the previous fax was just a 'bad joke'.

My Dear Davies,

I do not understand those people at Western Union.

For a variety of reasons that I see no good reason to trouble you with I was late getting to their office and only managed to get there just before they closed.

They would not accept a cheque!

Can you believe that? They would not accept my cheque. You would think I was a criminal or something. Cash only, they said.

Having left it so late I had no chance to get any cash before they closed.

NOTE: For your information they will transfer up to US$7,500 per transaction.

Now, I sent you a fax this morning. It was all a mistake. I was just joking of course. I had had a bad dream and was imagining things. Why I said what I said is beyond me and I would be most appreciative if you would forget all about that fax. I can trust you, can't I?

I will give you a contact phone number shortly. I am sleeping at a friends place at the moment and you understand that I would prefer not to involve them. I will be briefly in at the office tomorrow. Hopefully all the documents that you promised will be there.

I will be away for the next two weeks. I feel morally obliged to fulfil my contract over the coming two weeks. I feel that if someone has made a promise to deliver something then you must do so. This was promised long before your proposal appeared on the scene and besides the inaccessibility may be just what the doctor ordered for me.

Not that there is any reason that I would want to be away from public view at all you understand. I do not want to hide. I am not guilty of anything, it is just it might be peaceful.


With regard to the project: I will send a letter of recommendation and friendship with this one to help you in obtaining the desired documentation.

I regret that I will have to have the two week lull in the middle of proceedings as I could do with the money right now. I regret any inconvenience that this may cause you but I do point out that I first contacted you on February 22nd and that all delays in responding have come from your end, not mine.

I firmly believe that sometimes you have to do the moral thing.

Regardless of the consequences.

Back at Western Union for a moment: They told me that it is common to attach a code word or phrase to a transaction so that the recipient can identify themselves. In honour of your Welsh heritage I suggest the use of the phrase "Men of Harlech".

Who is Saed Bin Asigby? Is he a native? Can he be trusted?

Remember: this morning's fax was just a joke. Okay? I don't know what came over me and it is an insignificance, a trifle. To be ignored. I hope it didn't cause you any concern.

I remain,

Yours sincerely John Smith.

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