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Ok, now we have hooked him...:

Dear Mr Okafor,

What a lovely surprise to come in to the office and to find your fax.

You certainly have me intrigued; what with all the talk of such large amounts of money. You have not made any mention of the, shall we say, differences between my profession and your project. That is intriguing, too. How will it work?

While I'm on that subject...why shouldn't I tell you the truth about my business? I lead group of girls that are members of the oldest profession and, like all professionals, we take our work very seriously and consider ourselves to be experts in our trade. And the pay is better! I used to be an English teacher; interesting work if you are partial to poverty.

About the points in your letter:

1. Yes, I trust you. There is no good reason for this as I know nothing about you. (Are you tall? Are you married? How old are you? Are you well-endowed??? So many questions!) But from your letter you sound to be an earnest and trustworthy person.

2. How much financial assistance will you need? We are a profitable little business but it doesn't run to millions. We'd never get any sleep.

I look forward to meeting you in the flesh. Figuratively or literally; you choose.

Yours sincerely, Rhonda Vu.

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