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Where Mr John Smith is even more obnoxious than normal. Is there a point where Okafor's pride will outweigh his greed? How much can he stand?

My Dear Sir,

I must apologise for my last tangle-fingered letter. For 'Australila' please read 'Australia'.

The National Australia Bank (NAB) is the third largest company in Australia and easily the largest bank. You can trust it. As for the address, White City is sufficient but the full address is 523 St Kilda Road, White City, 3004. I can only apologise to you for the oversight.

Good on you, Sir, to desire to 'push ahead'. I would imagine in Nigeria that is your only option. You can hardly fall backwards, can you?

Everyone loves their own country Sir; there is comfort in the familiar. Pigs will grovel in their swill; drunks will lie in their vomit.

Now, while I cannot share your desire to stay in that festering cesspit that passes for a voting member of the United Nations (How can this be? How can it have equal rights with a civilised country?) I must profess to share you love of women.

But only because they have cunts.

If women didn't have cunts they would be no real use to man nor beast and you would find them stacked up six feet high at the council tip.

The black girls you offer sound exciting. I have never told anyone else this but the idea of having my way with a big breasted, sweaty thighed, well oiled black girl has been a long held fantasy of mine. Five at once? Heaven!

Are they clean?

As always, I remain,

Yours sincerely, John Smith, RAN (ret).

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