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Where Okafor (the man formerly known as Marvellous) asks for Power of Attorney and requests Rhonda keep writing....

Dear Rhonda (Love)

Now that we are know more in business I will like you to do me only one thing, I will like you to give us "Power of Attorney" to enable the contract funds be paid into some else account. You know we cannot be so bold to do anything now that the whole contract document is reading your name. I told you that some approvals has been served in your favour.

No matter how the situation is, I will always want to read from you and I promise you that I will want to visit you in your country or anywhere you may choose me to meet with you after the completion of this deal or not.

I believe I am a man you will love to meet. Two weeks from now I will be travelling to Finland. Please give me your comment.

Yours Okafor (Marvellous).

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