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Where John Smith wonders how a Welsh expatriate could stand living in a gnat-infested hell hole.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my facsimile of the 22nd inst.

You sound like an honorable gentleman and I firmly believe we can do business together.

Our account is held with the National Australila Bank, White City branch, Acc# 083-709 6457 8990.

You quite rightly divined that I am a man of great wisdom and vision; I consider myself considerably advanced of the other low-birth scum that I find around me. Some people are born leaders. I am one of those.

You refer to Nigeria as 'my nation' and 'my country' so you have obviously settled there for some time. How can you stand it? Are there many other Welsh expatriates? Being isolated in such a gnat-infested hell hole would drive me around the twist.

You are obviously looking at using this project to finance your escape to the civilized world.

Good luck to you Sir!

God Save The Queen!

I remain as before,

Your humble servant, John Smith, RAN (ret).

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