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Where Love's attempt to pay the money is frustrated, as is her desire to try and get some dirty talk out of Marvellous.

My Dear Marvellous,

I am bushed! It has been a long, hard day and I have very little to show for it.

I guess I am just not in touch with things. As you can imagine I don't work a normal 9-5 job so some of the more mundane things slip past me. It had completely escaped my mind that today was a public holiday (but not a pubic holiday, they are very rare! A girl has to eat.) so having struggled across town to the Western Union office I found that they were closed to celebrate National Chunder Appreciation Day, or some such.

So I struggled home again. I am so sorry. I will try again tomorrow.

But how are you, my throbbing black powerhouse? You still seem reluctant to tell me how I can harness your excess energy. There MUST be a way! Do tell me about it.

Did you know that someone did a survey and found out that in 85% of men their right testicle hangs lower than their left? How do you get yourself involved in a survey like that? It has a lot of job satisfaction for all concerned. I am looking forward to investigating which group of men you fall into! (Don't worry, I have warm hands.)

Does your secretary read your faxes?

Your eagerly waiting "Love",

P.S. When you write by hand please keep away from the bottom edge of the paper. All your recent long faxes have been missing the bottom few lines. I hope they didn't contain anything important! (?)

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