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Where Marvellous reveals a girlfriend and gives a sort of recipe.

Dear Love,

If you know how I feel like receiving your fax, you will never sleep for the whole of the night.

If I must tell you the truth, my secretary is my girlfriend, that is why I want to write with hand sometime.

There is an adage in my language that says "If you want to speak the truth, you speak your language" I hope you understand.

FOOD:- I like eating pounded yam with bush meat with vegetable soup. I also like to eat what we call "Amala" is been made out of yam or casava. I like to eat it with soup called "Ewedu". If you don't mind I will serve some to you when I will be with you personally.

BUSINESS:- Saed Bin Asigby is in the deal also. You know it will be busy doing one or two things. I cannot go to the bank that is why I suggested you send the money in favour of Saed. I must receive the first $5,000 tomorrow.... (last lines of the fax cut off)

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