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"Love" chases a recipe and talks a little dirty along the way.

To: Marvellous, the Banana,

From: Love, the Banana Eater.

Hello again!

I received your faxes and I think I can understand them. Unfortuantely the edges of the page get cut off during faxing and when you hand-write the faxes I lose some of them. And also some of the words are unclear in the fax. It is much easier to read when you type your letters.

I will contact Western Union tomorrow and see what I can do.


I know this is a little strange but do you think you could send me a Nigerian recipe? A recipe for some meal that is very special to you. This is very important to me.

I want to be able to please you in ALL WAYS. Cooking is a big part of that, isn't it? Eating is, after all, just another one of those primative urges that men have that needs to be satisfied!

You men are so simple to please: a good, satifying meal, a good massage, your cock sucked to the point of explosion, another massage and then a good rollicking fuck and you are as happy a a pig in clover. But that's not a bad thing.

All I need to know is what is the right meal for you. Can you tell me?

Your "Love".

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