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Where Marvellous praises Love's writing (Could it be the style or possibly just the content?) and Love enquires about Marvellous' fantasies.

A hand written fax came not long after the last typed one:

Dear Love

I love to receive a fax from you each day I come to the office just to admire your writing.

I hope to hear from you before the end of the day.

Yours sincerely, Marvellous.

My Dear Marvellous Banana,

Do you really admire my writing?

Really truly?

You are such a sweetie!

When I was a young girl I wanted to be a novelist. Now I'm just a novel lover.

I must admit I find it a little difficult writing things from just one end; I feel I'm telling you what I want to do all the time.

What do YOU want to do? Can you tell me?

Don't be shy. Be bold! Be forth right! Be blunt!

Be wickedly sexy and gloriously descriptive, you big black banana, you!

Just for me, okay? Tell me your deepest, most wicked fantasies.

I can take it. And in the fullness of time I intend to take it. In what ever bodily opening is your heart's desire. Or what ever that part of your anatomy is that is desiring something.



Seventeen thousand dollars! Crikey, Marvellous, what on earth for? I bet it's US dollars, too. You run a pretty heavy expense account.

Can't you take it out of the forty one and a half million and just pass on the change?

Sure, I have the money; but it is invested and it will take a while to sell the shares. No-one in their right mind keeps the money just in the bank.

The ASX has a five day clearance. Minimum.

Are you sure it is needed? I could approach the bank for a short term loan but even that would take a few days to arrange.

And what about the necessary details? Where do I send it? In what form?

Tell me more.

I know! I'll fax you a cheque! (Sorry. Just joking! :-) )

Seriously, I need a few more details.

Should I get it all as cash and bring it to you? Have you ever made mad, passionate love on a bed strewn with money? There's always a first time.

Is KLM the best airline to use to come to Lagos?

Your "Love"

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