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Where, out of the blue, a Mr John Smith, a most obnoxious, far-right person, takes up the same business proposal offer as Rhonda. He focuses on the 'Davies' part of Mr Okafor's original letter.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your invitation to participate in an "urgent business undertaking".

You are obviously Welsh. Your name gives me that information immediately and I must say Sir that it is an absolute pleasure to deal with a white man. White being synonymous with civilised, of course. I assume that you are an expatriate milking whatever you can from the mess that the natives have created from a once beautifully run country. A former jewel in the realm of our glorious Queen.

The black buggers have done nothing for any country that they have had the luck to inherit and why the Good Lord saw fit to give them most of the oil is beyond my understanding.

Please provide further information as to how we can assist you in transferring the money from the grubby clawing black hands back into the loyal, God-fearing white hands where it so rightly belongs.

God Save The Queen!

I remain,

Your humble servant, John Smith, RAN (ret).

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