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Where Rhonda gets a little suggestive (OK, a lot suggestive) and sends a photo.

My Darling Banana,

What can I say?

The truth is that I would prefer not to speak to you.


Please don't be angry.

The time will come when we have all the time in the world to talk but for the moment I would like to keep all the really personal things for our first special meeting.

When I speak to you I want to be curled up naked beside you; warm and protected by your strong arm around me; warm and exhausted from our vigorous love-making; warm and excited with your virile and potent sperm swimming within my body.

Then...then we can talk!

Don't you agree that this will be so special?

You promised me that it will be soon. You will keep this promise, wont you?

Oh Banana, my darling Banana, my warm (nay, hot) vagina longs to suck you in and suck you dry! (But NOT spit you out through the window!!!) My hot and impatient thighs long to be wrapped around you as you powerfully thrust your manhood deep within my innermost parts. I long to caress that erect and eager organ of your manhood with my hands, my breasts and my mouth; to tease it and to tickle it and to taunt it until it throbs and burns and aches and DEMANDS to be let loose within me.

Oh, I want to be taken by you; wildly, savagely, primitively; as nature intended.

But I also want to ride you!

I want to sit astride you, on top of you, with your hot and erect cock deep inside me. From there I can caress your manly chest and watch all your emotions as my incredibly muscular vagina works your cock like a farmyard milking machine. All the time you will caress my firm stomach and fondly my breasts. And they are well worth fondling, I can assure you!

You see, Banana, darling Banana, when you are on top you are in control but when I am on top I am in control and I will show no mercy! No matter how much you cry out in frustration I will not 'finish you off' until I am ready to receive your fertile load within me.

But receive it I will!

And you will explode as you have never exploded before.

I promise you an ecstasy you have never dreamed of; not even in your wildest fantasies.


In the meantime, I am going to try to fax a photo of me to you. I hope it transmits OK. Faxes to nasty things to photos. You will see that my breasts are a little too large but my experience is that men generally don't mind that. What do you think?

I just had a thought: you didn't want your secretary to see your letters...what if she sees mine?

Am I being too bold and open with my comments? Should I be more restrained and 'business-like'?

How is the business going? As I am ready to receive you so my bank account is ready to receive the money. Consummation on all levels.

Your Love, Rhonda

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