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Where Marvellous sends a hand written note so his secretary wont know what he wrote about his wife!

Dear Love,

I have to write this fax message with hand because I don't want my secretary to know what I telling you about my wife.

Yes, I am missing a lot from wife, my is such a gentle woman who never know how to make love most especially she doesn't know how to make me happy when I am upset from the office. Because of this her attitude, I have about two girl friends who always make me happy anytime I feel like enjoying myself.

I feel you will be that type of girl to make me happy. Honestly I want to be with you immediately the funds is transferred in your favour.

Honestly Love, I must tell you that every fax you send to me makes me laugh and happy.

I don't think you need to call me your small black banana because I am not small in nature, I am huge, tall man that you will like being with.

Dear Love, we will soon be together with all good things. Please try and talk to me, I feel like talking to you. Call me darling banana.

Your Love, Marvellous.

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