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Dr Ken seemed impatient and rang the phone number on my letter. It was my work number and, being as he rang at 6pm at night, he got one of the other chemists (In real life I work in a laboratory). I wrote to him:

Dear Dr Mbadiwe,

I am sorry that I missed you the other day; my colleagues left a message for me that you had rung.

After much soul searching and prayer I have decided to assist you with your project.

While I must confess to have some reservations I can see so much charity work that my congregation could do with the money (or SOME of it at least, there is no reason why some of it should not come to me) that I am now determined to help your cause.

Accompanying this letter is the documentation you require.

In order to keep the accounting clean and simple I have set up a separate bank account to handle the transaction. The details of this account are in the accompanying forms.

I hope this fax reaches you all right on a Sunday.

I would not normally be in at work on a Sunday but I have received word that my company has been awarded a contract to supply the Australian Navy with our 'SKUNIGA' range of wetsuits and I must fly to Jervis Bay this afternoon to supervise sea trials.

These will be done on board the naval frigate "HMAS ORION" off the coast of New South Wales. Unfortunately, due to Defence Department controls, I will not be contactable during this time (THREE DAYS) as personal telecommunications are not permitted from shore to ship; except in an emergency, of course.

I do not think it would be wise to continue to talk to my colleagues at the office; it is a 'common' office for a number of businesses and the people there gossip heavily. We share a building and secretarial/reception services to reduce costs but have our own offices.

For some reason your call last Friday caused some concern to the man who answered the phone; he felt that I was in some sort of personal trouble and this concern caused him unnecessary distress. I believe he wanted to contact the Federal Police but eventually decided not to until he could speak to me on my return. I have expained to him that I am in no danger.

My facsimile machine is secure and messages may be left on it with safety. It is best if you use it.

I shall contact you when I return on Thursday to see how our endeavours are progressing.

Just by the way: do you think anyone may ask why a wetsuit company is providing a turbine and sundry amounts of polypropylene? I guess you must have thought of this and have contingency explanations. I am in your hands.

God bless you and good luck!

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