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Another respondent to Mr Ariyo's initial letter chips in:

Ah, My Good Sir,

I must ask your humble apologies. I have been overseas on a holiday and have only just received your email about your need for a 'reliable person'.

I think I may be able to help you but, alas, the time delay may be too long. Most assuredly you will have found someone to assist you by now.

Please, tell me if I can still help you.

I remain, yours faithfully,

Minerva Bannister (Miss).

Dear Minerva Bannister (miss)

Good day to you. I have just received your email message, which was in reply to my business proposal investment message to you.

Furtherance to your message about the time delayed in responding, thanks for your concern, but due to the sensitive nature of the business, I havenāt contacted any person or individual as regards the transaction. So everything is still as it is. The business is still sealed prove and I have make all necessary underground arrangement for the transfer of the fund.

Minerva, please I am still in need of your assistance so urgently respond to this my message by sending your private phone number so that I will call you for more discussions and directives as regard the work plan.

Thanks while expecting your urgent attention as soon as you receive this email.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob.

NB: Henceforth, all our correspondences should be restricted only on this my email box which I created purposely for this buisness and for security reasons too. The former email in my first letter to you is no more confidencial for the business because my secretary got an assess to the mail that is why I changed it. You should only reach me on this mail thanks.

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