J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mrs Newbery misfortunes continue and Mr Ariyo wishes to be kept informed.

Oh, for the international readers - a grevillia is a plant, the family Calliphora are Blow-flies.

Dear Mr Ariyo,

I have just returned from a meeting and received your email. I am sorry I could not answer sooner. This has been my first opportunity.

Some of the documents arrived this morning. Page three seems to be missing.

Sadly my wife was mauled by a pack of enraged Grevillias this morning while walking the family Calliphora and is intensive care at the Holy Moses College of Medical Expletives.

I am, as they say in the tannery, knackered,

Yours sincerely, Cosmo Newbery

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

Good day to you.

I have received your message, in addition to it, I will instruct my lawyer to re-send it, but meanwhile the transfer processes are not in my branch or under my authority any longer, but is been handily from our corporate head officer by our director.

Henceforth any document that you received from the headquarter please do not reply them first inform me for directive to avoid mistake, because any moment from now the fund will be transferred into your account.

Also, itās now your responsibility to keep me informed of situation, immediately the fund is been transferred into your account.

I await your prompt response.

Best regards, Ariyo Jacob

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