J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Ariyo expresses his sympathy but promises good things to come.

DEAR J. Cosmo Newbery,

Good day to you. I am sorry about the misfortune that happened to your humble wife. Please I hope that the injury is not much, if so thanks be to God. But let me tell you, this is a sign for the good thing that are coming to you. Watch out.

Meanwhile, the attorney have finished every documentation and he has submitted it to the bank. so now you are the beneficiary of the fund, all documents have now been changed in your name, so I thank God for the development.

Finally, I will send to you the approved documents of the fund by Monday and after sending it I will call you for a brief talk.

Thanks and I am still sorry for the misfortune.

Regards, Arioyo Jacob.

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

Good day to you. I have been trying to discuss with you on phone, but due to our poor telecommunication system, it is not getting through. I donāt know if the fault is from your side or mine. (Mine! I got sick of calls at all hours and took the phone off the hook.)

Meanwhile, the attorney told me that he has sent the probate registry document from the federal high court of Nigeria to you. Please if you have received it, kindly acknowledge the receipt of it immediately to me.

Finally, the attorney has started arranging for the approval of the fund which will be handy unfailing today or tomorrow and as soon as it is handy, we will send it across to you, and immediately you received it, kindly acknowledge the receipt of it, meanwhile, everything is in control as God may decide it we will smile before the Easter period.

Mr. J Cosmo, please how about your wife? I hope every dust is dawn thanks be to God if so. If it will be possible for me today I will call you by in the evening that should be your 8:00am.

Thanks while expecting your acknowledgement message immediately.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob.

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