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Where Mr Ariyo expresses further sympathy and gives details for the transfer of the money.

Mr. J. Cosmo Newbery,

Good day to you. I am highly sorry for what had happen to you last night while trying to attend to my call and I hope it is okay as you said, if so thanks be to God. It is a sign of a good thing that is coming to our way by next week.

Well, my good friend, the lawyer has submitted the name and address of his personal secretary since I cannot go and claim the fund because of the sensitive nature of the business, you know I donāt need to come out openly to avoid eyebrow that is why I handed over everything to the attorney to execute.

So the name and address is as follows:- MR. SAMUEL O. IKEBUIFE, LAGOS NIGERIA.

Please as soon as you make the payment, kindly send the payment slip through my email so that I will give it to the attorney to go and collect it and make the payment to the bank and get the payment receipt from the bank after making the payment to the bank. mind you that the copy of the payment will be sent to you after making the payment for your perusal and recording purposes too.

Thanks for your efforts and God will reward you.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob.

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

Good day to you, first I must thank God that today was not bad to you as other days, I am very happy for that.

Well, in respect of your question, if the fund will be transferred before Tuesday, there is nothing again that can disturb the transfer as soon as we make the payment to the bank, they will transfer the money immediately please try to send the western union receipt immediately so that the attorney will collect the money and make the entire US$16,000 to the bank and obtain payment receipt which a copy of the receipt will be sent to you for recording purposes too.

Thanks while expecting your action immediately.


Ariyo Jacob.

Dear Jacob,

I'm heading into the city to get the money and then on to Western Union.

I'm feeling lucky today!!!

Do you think the transaction will be through by Tuesday?


J. Cosmo Newbery.

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