J Cosmo Newbery

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Where a cow falls on Mr Newbery but in other respects he has an uneventful day. Sort of.

Dear Mr Ariyo Jacob,

Thank you so much for your thoughts and good wishes. Happily today has been disaster-free! Truly a red-letter day! Admittedly there was a small incident when a cow fell on me as I went to get the mail this morning but really it was nothing to worry about and the doctor said my ribs should heal just fine in a few weeks.

I have contacted the insurance company and I believe that I can collect the payout from Mrs Newbery‚s policy tomorrow. I should be able to send you the $4,000 you require on Thursday, well in time for the Friday deadline.

Is $4,000 enough? It is truly encouraging that you have friends whoa re willing to support you at this time. But sometimes friendships can be strained when money enters into it. Let me know as I may be able to stretch to a little more.

Yours in gratitude,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

Dear Mr Ariyo,

Did you ring last night? The phone went off about 2am - unfortunately in my sleepy stupour I slipped getting to the phone and hit my head on the desk in my study and did not regain consciousness until early morning. But I have a magnificent black eye!

If it was you, my apologies for missing you.

Everything looks beautiful for tomorrow, Thursday.

I will use Western Union - do I use your name?

Best wishes,


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