J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Ariyo cannot sleep and wants to know how much I can assist him with.

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

Furtherance to my email of yesterday to you. I have used the contact that I have to find solution for the payment because through-out the night I did not sleep, thinking up and down about the whole predicaments that befell upon you during this period and each time I remembered it, I must first say (why you at this particular time) and again I will think of effecting your position in your office because I would not like anything that will affect your personality. That is the more reason why I decided personally to use the little blood I have inside me to put the devil to shame at last.

Mr. J. Cosmo, with the little contact I have made, I have a lot of promises so right now I am sure of raising US$9,000 out of the total sum because I have spent a lot of money before getting this business up to this remittance level both the attorney fees, statutory charges and all the documentation so I cannot relent why the golden opportunity I have is slipping out of my hand. I am still fighting tooth and nail to see what I will do for the balance at least before Tuesday.

Just to see that we will conclude this business immediately and start to enjoy the fruit of our efforts. As you are into business, after this business we shall arrange to establish our own company with my own share and part of your own too under your care so that those that are fighting you will not have the cause to laugh at you any more. So arrange for it because we are going ahead.

Meanwhile, by tomorrow I will send my attorney to the Ecobank head office to apply for extension in other to enable us arrange for the sum but I must solicite for your kind assitance because we did not have much time in our favour and I donāt want to rely on promises. Out of the balance, how much could you assist me with so that I will know the level I will be operating for the completion and to fasten up everything.

Though I know what you have under gone but it is the sign of progress that are coming. All you have to do is to put everything in prayer each time you do pray because nothing good comes easy that is why an old saying, says that the road of success is full of ups and down. Please tell the devil that he is a liar that front is your limit. You must surely see that all this temptations that befell you, will finally be a thing of the past.

Finally, also I have gotten an appointment for the visa next week and I will not like the visa to expire if I collect it so we need to do quick.

Thanks while expecting your understand and work accordingly to so that we will finalize the business immediately.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob.

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