J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Ariyo, with God's help, tries to find alternative solutions.

Oh, I love the first line! It made the whole saga worth while!


Dear J. cosmo Newbery,

I am in receipt of your mail today and i am highly sorry about the misfortune that befell us mostly you.

Because I myself was worried the day I called your number and somebody picked it and told me that were arrasted by the police, honestly its gave me a great concern becasue I was not with myself since that day till today I heard from you.

Well, no problem for God is in control. Let me see what I can do over the weekend about the payment so that the fund will be transfered because i have gotten a date for my visa whihc I would not like when I get it, it will expire.

Expect my feedback on Monday.

Thanks and sorry for all that had happened to you. We must surely sail through by God's grace.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob

Better Flight

God bless you, Jacob!


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