J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Newbery is arrested for undisclosed money issues. A friend answered the phone on my behalf and broke the news to Mr Ariyo. Mr Newbery seems distressed.


Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

I just called your line now but somebody picked it and the person that picked it told me that you have been arrested by the police for money matter. Now that the business is almost concluded. This type of problem started coming up again.

Please kindly reply me immediately and inform me more so that I will have rest of mind because I am disturbed.


While expecting your most urgent response.

Regards, Ariyo jacob.

Mr Ariyo,

It is a disaster! I am ruined!

The police have taken my files, my books , even my computer!


Of course I did not have the sixteen thousand dollars you wanted. Who does have that sort of money 'lying around'? So I thought I had a scheme that would enable the bank to give me a 'temporary loan'. Sadly they caught me before the transaction could be finished and the money returned to them.

If only the thing had been progessed a little faster, all would have been OK.

It is an absolute calamity!

Yours in distress,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

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