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Where Minnie Bannister is encouraged to come to Nigeria.

My dear Miss Minnie Bannister

I thank you for your mail. I must say I understand and appreciate your patience and willingness to bear all the inconveniences which you mentioned in your mail. In less than no time, we will be happily celebrating our success.

So please bear with me and letās forge ahead to actualize our plans while I hope to talk with you on phone as soon as you fix the phone line, I will meanwhile go ahead with arrangements to conclude our transaction. As you mentioned you can either come to Nigeria to conclude the transaction or you set up an account in your country to receive the funds by bank transfer from this end.

However, a bank transfer is possible from here to your account in your country without you coming down to Nigeria. Meanwhile, coming down to Nigeria will be more advantageous than other options. I say this because I am in the system and I know that the best approach to this transaction is by you coming down here and open an account in a Prime Bank here so that the fund will be transferred from my bank to your local account which you will open here. Once the funds are transferred to your local account here, you can then fly back to your country and instruct the bank to transfer the funds (bit by bit) to your account in your country. If you do not come here, it implies we have to take care of great costs and hurdles to secure the transfer of the funds from here in our bank to your overseas bank account.

To avoid this heavy costs and hurdles, it will be more economical if you can come down here. I can secure a cable visa to you or give you an invitation letter for express visa issuance. I will take care of you from the Airport to as many days as you may stay here to conclude the project here. I will be happy to have you in my home for all my family to see you as my good friend and partner. We will then familiarize and decide on our future partnership, through face to face talk. Our trust for one another will be more solid if you come down here and we see each other face to face. But as I said the choice is yours.

Finally, please think over it and reply me so that we can talk over it and agree on the way forward.

Thanks while expecting your immediate response.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob. Previous Next