J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Newbery gets another rap on the knuckles and apologises yet again.

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

In respect of my email message to you about some hours ago, my attorney has just come back from the bank now and he informed me on how he went to the bank. He also told me that the mistake is from your side. You wrote 044-88628 instead of 040-88628.

Please kindly correct the mistakes and made the transfer immediately.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob

NB: Please disregard the money gram option and continue with the bank account transfer

Dear Mr Ariyo Jacob,

I will need to go back into the bank on Monday to effect the transfer of funds to the correct account number.

I have also apologised most sincerely to the people at Ecobank for the embarrassing mix up.

The mistake was made at my bank when they prepared the transfer. I have found myself most embarrassed by this error and intend demanding a letter of apology from them when I am in the bank on Monday.

I trust you have a peaceful weekend and I will advise you of our progress on Monday.

Cosmo Newbery.

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