J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Ariyo explains that his joy was modified joy.


Dear j. Cosmo Newbery,

I am sorry about the way you mis-understood my language where I said that I am filled with joy. It was in response to your message to me where you ask me that I kept quite what is happening then I was trying to tell you that I am filled with joy. Please do not mis-understood me everybody knows what is death mostly when somebody lost a dearly beloved one. I also told you that though I wasnât there but I will be with you in spirit throughout the funeral. Please kindly accept my sympathy.

Finally, as you have received the correction from the bank, kindly correct it and send it first thing on Monday morning so that my attorney will take it immediately to the bank for the deposit and get the exact date the fund will be transferred into your account. because I myself will be going to the Australian Embassy for the visa application form as I earlier told you by that same Monday. Keep whatever you have for me, for I will be with you soonest.

Thanks for all your efforts towards the conclusion of this transaction, God will reward you and bless you.


Ariyo Jacob.

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