J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Ariyo is jubilating, he can smell the money!

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

I am already jubilating and full of joy at the final conclusion of this transaction. How I wish I will be by your side at your wife's funeral but never mind I will be with you in spirit.

The attorney has gone to the bank and as soon as he is back I will be able to confirm the exact date the deposit will be made. I am certainly sure that by Monday or Tuesday as I earlier informed you that the deposit will be made into your account. With this I am hopeful that your US$16,000 deposit will be confirmed by the bank tomorrow.

Dear Cosmo,this is my moment of joy and I am sure you have a space of time for our business investment. Have you located any viable investment? Please inform me.

Please take note of the first and third scan messages, kindly inform me of the contents as I have not been able to download uptill this time. Is there any problem with your phone? please let me know and if there is alternative preferably mobile phone let me know urgently.

I await your message.


Ariyo Jacob.

Dear Ayiro jacob,

How ironic that on my day of sadness you are filled with joy! Yes, I know, I understand what you mean and that the reasons are so very very different. I don't take any offence, it is just ironic.

Thank you for your thoughts for today's funeral.

Today is a day that had to come.

But so is tomorrow.

A couple of things: when I send scanned messages there is often other non-messages sent as associated docs. I do not know why. I have only sent the receipt and the Letter of Introduction. If you have received these two then you have everything that matters.

With respect to the mobile phone: I do not have one. Never have, never will. It's a personal thing with me.

I got home yesterday to find my non-mobile phone off the hook. Possible the cat has been on my desk looking for tortillas.

Best wishes,

Next week should be a GREAT week! Certainly better than this one.

Do you have a 'feel' for which day the money will transfer on?



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