J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Ariyo is happy with the way things are going and Mr Newbery blames the cat for his phone being off the hook.

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

I wish to acknowledge the receipt of the transfer information valued at US$16,000. I was unable to download and print the receipt yesterday but this morning I have been able to do that and my attorney has gone to deposit the transfer receipt at Ecobank Head Office this morning.

Also I am in receipt of the invitation letter for my visa, I will be at the Australian Embassy tomorrow for my visa application.

Dear Cosmo, I must express my appreciation towards your kind and sincere co-operation to the final conclusion of our project. With this payment, I am certainly sure by Monday or Tuesday Ecobank will transfer our funds US$16million into your account. Most importantly, how far have you gone with the investment feasibilities?

Please kindly let me know. I have not being able to download the first and third scan message. Please can you inform me urgently the information contained? I have been trying your telephone lines since yesterday but ringing engaged. Provide your mobile number for easy communication.

I am anxiously waiting for your urgent response.

Regards, Ariyo Jacob.

Excellent! Things are looking good.

I am just back from visiting my brother in law, Mr Kennedy. The cat had dislodged my phone receiver in my absence. I am sorry.

I sent you an email from there but got home to find you email, answering all my questions. Thank you.

The minor scan messages are are of no consequence - I use a Macintosh computer and they are conversion files. I only sent two files : the receipt and the letter of invitation.

In the present climate I would advise investing your money in blue-chip shares. Business ventures are ill-advised unless you are knowledgeable and involved in the business.

I remain,


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