J Cosmo Newbery

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Where the bank reminds Mr Newbery of his unsettled fees and he forwards proof of transfer.


I am directed to remind you of the unsettled R-validation Fees of $16,000 which will enable us Ecobank apply credit into your Bank Account.

Consequently, I am directed to inform you that you have upto Friday this week to comply with the statutory requirement or risk forfeiture of the entire funds.

Similary, you are adviced to fax the transfer slip of the $16,000 through Fax number,234-9-2720336 for confirmation.

Finally, upon the confirmation of the payment of $16,000 through our receiving Bank Account which has being forwarded to earlier, the immediate crdit remittance of your total inheritance funds valued at $16,000,000.00 will be applied in your favour within 48hours.

Thanks for your co-peration and prompt compliance.

Yours Faithfully,


Dear Mr Jacob Ariyo,

Attached are the documents, as promised.

J Cosmo Newbery.

Letter of Introduction, and Bank receipt.

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