J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Newbery is knackered.

Dear Mr Ariyo,

Thank you for your thoughts about my darling wife. May she rest in peace.

Nothing can happen with the funds until Wednesday, Australian time. That is out of my hands.

Re the letter of invitation. I must apologise, if you asked for it I missed that fact. My mind was variously on my poor accident prone wife or the large amounts of money waved at me by your proposal.

I am unfamiliar with the letter you mention. Who should it be addressed to? What should it say? Is an email OK or should it be a fax? Should it be a real letter? If so, to what address?

I cannot give you my immediate attention without good information.

Be so kind as to give me all the information I need to meet your request.

Good night, I'm off to bed.

Yours thoroughly knackered,

Cosmo Newbery

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