J Cosmo Newbery

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The first, and not the last, member of the Newbery family gets hit by a meteorite.

Dear Mr Ariyo,

I'm sure you can understand how terribly draining this week has been for me.

I am really truly sorry if it has irritated you but, really, what control did I have over it? How was I to know that my wife would get struck by a meteorite during surgery? Perhaps 'Lucky' was a bad nickname for her!

I am spending a lot of time organising my wife's affairs - never easy. Even harder over the Easter holidays. I even have to floss the cat myself. It does mean I am out a lot. I am sorry if you have been trying to contact me but that's the way it is.

The money is all ready to go but the banks don't open until Wednesday.

Has this been approved by you attorney?

If not let me know and I will return it to the investment account.

Yours exhausted,

Cosmo Newbery.

Dear J. Cosmo Newbery,

Good day to you and merry Easter and prosperous year. I hope God have helped you to have the heart to bear the great loss of your darling wife, I pray may her perfect soul rest in peace amen.

Well in respect of my email to you yesterday, where I indicated that I would send my lawyer to the bank for inquiries as regard the Wednesday you commented in your response of yesterday.

My attorney has gone and from his findings you know there was no time that was attached in the payment schedule. It was only myself that was worried about the fund because now the fund was about to be transferred and all eyes will be there too. That is the reason why I will like you to hesitate so that the fund will be transferred immediately without much delay since we have finished all the documentation.

Meanwhile, I commented about the letter of invitation from you to enable me to obtain visa to your country for the sharing of the fund and investment too, you kept quite to that side. Please indicate the possibility of it because it is my intention to retire from civil service and reside in your country for investment after putting in 21 years in meritorious service.

Finally, though I have spent a lot before getting this business up till these stage both the documentation and otherwise but I did not relent. So tell me if you cannot be able to pay all the charges so that I will know what to do to see for the completion so that we finalize this business once and for all.

Thanks while expecting your immediate attention.


Ariyo Jacob

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