J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mrs Newbery dies and Mr Ariyo is irritated by the news.

Dear Mr Ariyo,

My wife died today.

I did not get anywhere near a bank.

With Easter, they will not open again until Wednesday. Is this too late?


Dear J Cosmo Newbery

I am highly sorry about the sadden and irritating news I got from you this morning about your wife‚s death. What is happening?

Please kindly accept my sympathy and bear it with man's heart.

I will still reach you later in the day.


Ariyo Jacob

NB: I have sent my attorney to the bank this morning to see what he can do in respect of your question.

Thank you.

Easter was as happy as it could be, under the circumstances.

Today, Tuesday, is a bank holiday in Melbourne so nothing is happening.

I will go to the bank and advance things tomorrow.

Once that is done, how long until the funds are transfered to my account?


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