J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Minnie Bannister paints a wealthy sort of picture of herself.

My Dear Mr Ariyo,

I am so pleased that I can help you.

I will get my phone number to you as soon as those wretches in the telephone company sort it out. They are putting new cables in and we are all getting new numbers and such like. It is such a mess. So damnably inconvenient but they promise it will be resolved quickly and a new line put in to the chalet.

I go down to the local village library to use their computers. It is workable but so inconvenient and I hate parking my Rolls Royce in the car park. I live in fear of a scratch. I am sure you understand my feelings on this, don't you?

Will I need to come to Nigeria?

I remain, yours faithfully,

Minerva Bannister (Miss).

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