Mavis Bramston

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The sting approaches!

Marvis, I am married to Rita and we have five (5) children, I am forty eight years old, my favourite colours are blue and white I also like pink and red. Roses are red they say aren't they?


I have today commenced the transaction on behalf of Too Eager Embraces and you are the sole beneficiary of the sum of US$21.5m...

...Latest by 6th August 1997 your payment file will move to the Federal Ministry of Finance for the Foreign Exchange allocation Approval Order.

Marvis, I suggest that you send them some souvenirs (gifts) so as to give them particular concern and interest on your file. You will send the gifts care of my personal/confidential secretary FORT OJOMON. He will collect the goods for onward delivery to the Directors in the Ministry of Finance...Please Marvis, make sure the courier service you use is DHL. DHL is very confidential....You may choose two or three of the following gifts"


Lap Top Computer


Wrist Watches


Suits and Ties

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