Mavis Bramston

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Mavis decides to get a little more friendly.

Let's see what happens to this business deal if we get a bit more familiar. Mavis also sends a newspaper clipping to Engr. John.

Dear John,

Am I being a little forward addressing you by your first name? You sound such a nice person. I feel I know you well enough to dispense with the formality.

I have filled in the form you have sent me and have enclosed a copy of our certificate of registration. Is this what you want with the 'incorpororation of beneficiary'? A brief summary of our organization is also attached.

All this seems a little involved for a $21.50 transaction. The registration form mentions a fee of N150,000.00 How much is this? I hope it is not more than $21.50 Anyway, I am sure you know what you are doing; I am in your hands!

Come to Lagos? Me? Is it safe? I have heard all sorts of tales about what could happen to a young blonde white girl in a African city. Some of the things sounded just a little scarey!

But I must confess some sounded quite interesting, too. Beryl, she works in the occupational therapy clinic, had a Nigerian boyfriend a year or so ago. I think he was out here studying. Anyway, the things she told me! Surely they couldn't be true.

Are you married John?

I must fly; I have many things to do. God bless you.

Your friend, Mavis.

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