Mavis Bramston

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The response is quick this time. The 'Bye for now' finish is a little warmer:


Dear partner/friend,

I received your fax dated 28th July, 1997. I did not abandon you neither did I think you are not capable to do this transaction. I am glad to hear that your capability was commended in the fund raising seminar you attended.

(He goes on for a while about the technicalities of the transaction. I'll spare you them.)

You can make an application to be paid in any of the off-shore offices in America, Europe and Asia.

2. You can come to Lagos, Nigeria to receive the cash.


You must keep this transaction confidential because disclosure may affect both my career and the transaction.

2. Your readiness to feed me back with prompt information and your willingness to receive advice from us.

3. Your readiness to accept your responsibilities under this transaction - your responsibilities are enormous much as the benefits are great.

Please make it a point of duty to call me on the phone between 2.00pm-3.00pm Nigerian time, that is approximately 9.00pm your time.

Bye for now. ENGR. JOHN AKPEKI.

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