Mavis Bramston

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Two weeks go by with no response. With nothing to lose I play the "Don't you trust me?" card:

My Dear Engr. Akpeki,

Are you alright?

I have not heard back from you since I last wrote.

Is it because I am a woman? Does that worry you?

Do you think I cannot handle finances? I think I should tell you that I have just returned from a National Fundfraising Convention and the people there spoke very highly of my ability.

The Chairman of the committee told me himself that he would love me to handle his assets. Apparently his family has jewels.

Please, even if you do not wish to use our facility, could you tell me why I am not acceptable. When I know what my faults are I can work to remove them.

God bless you, whatever you decide.

Yours sincerely, Mavis.

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