Mavis Bramston

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Mavis is happy to help but, a bit dizzy, has missed the M on the amount and thinks the whole transaction is for $21.50.

Dear Engr. Akpeki,

Thank you so much for your speedy reply to my message.

Can our account receive $21.50? Of course it can! There was one weekend when we held a lamington drive outside the Mechanics Institute and raised $106.50! The odd 50 was from old Mr Witherspoon who said he would pay extra if I would give him a kiss. I think I surprised him when I said 'yes'! Anyway it was for a good cause.

Oh, silly me, I just realised that you may not know what a lamington is; it is a cake covered with chocolate and coconut.

And it is scrumptious. $1 for six, no discounts.

So far we have raised over $70,000 toward the new warehouse and I am very proud of our achievement.

So, yes, our account can certainly accomodate your $21.50. Why do you insist on such an odd amount? Obviously fifty dollars was too much for you but why not a whole number? Would you consider $30 perhaps? Remember we are a good cause!

Anyway, our Account details are Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Port Melbourne Branch BSB No: 063-188 Account No: 5008063.

I am sure you are a God-fearing man, Mr Akpeki, and you will do what you think is right. $35 and I'll send you some lamingtons.

God bless you, Sir.

Yours sincerely, Mavis Bramston (Miss),

Secretary, Fund-raising committee.

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