Mavis Bramston

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A hand written reply comes back:

My Dear Brother Marvis, (Brother? Marvis?)

I regret that there are so many misunderstood issues in your fax dated 10/7/97. Nevertheless I appreciate your response and indeed your courtesy of explaining how you have coma about this transaction.

I, John Akpeki, on behalf of other members of the panel is ready to work with you. But you must tell us whether your account is large enough to receive the outstanding sum of 21.5m which we want to transfer to your nominated account.

Second you must furnis us with your bank account number, address, city code, your company address and beneficiary's name.

Marvis, do not see this transaction as manner from heaven. The responsibilities arising from it are enormous much as the benefits from it are great.

Remember, the transaction is strictly confidential. Acknowledge receipt by sending the requested data. God Bless.

Your brother, Engr. John Akpeki.

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