Mavis Bramston

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Engineer John becomes Johnny the Cobra, gets a bit poetic, a bit excited and is in need of a bit of money.

My Dear Mavis,

I was so sick yesterday I couldn't come to work; I am however okay having been treated for malaria.

The weather is cool, bright and inviting. Wait a minute, did you say you were writing your latest fax naked! I'm as anxious as you are to see you. You have proved to me that you are blonde and I can assure you that I also treasure your letters.

Mavis, I can't wait to be moved from the 'warm' to the 'extremely hot', if it is beyond it is better, I presume. I know now hat divine pleasure are, I am ffascinated by their peak Mavis, you are a product of love.

My secret pleasures! They are best expressed in the heat of passion. Wild/ Your guess is as good as mine. You assure me that your fax is secure. There are some things that Rita doesn't do that I really love, should I tell you what they are? I shouldn't. The idea is to find out if you have what it takes.

There is a dividing line between fantasies and realities. The fantasies of yesterday are the realities of today. Your desires shall be granted in as much as your affection is honest. I too long to hold you, to caress you, to admire and kiss your person, you know what I mean. To smell taste and exchange bodily fluid in possibly all human openings. I can't wait to come into you long and deep, that seems to be the farthest you can imagine. But I will come in still further to the inner gate and there knock sleeping and rolling. You know what I mean. I know you will open for me, but if you don't I will hit quite rapidly with the persistence of a cobra, then you will open and I'll send a message of passion to your brain all in a sweet harmony. Mavis I will repeat this again and again and I promise you I wont be tired either.

Crikey! If he finds out that Mavis is a middle aged, overweight man with a fear of cobras, I'm in trouble. Later in the letter, he goes on...

Mavis, I want to ask you something. It's a shame in that it's unusual in Africa. A man fends for his home in almost everything, it's this 'tax' thing. I still need about US$21,500,00 for the tax people (official) to reduce the tax on your company for three years. Mavis I don't want any hitch on this transaction. I had already paid up little taxes declaring a loss on behalf of your company, but I have just been informed that that strategy may not work considering the contract entitlements on behalf of your company. They said it may come up at the FMF during your interview.

I have discuss with the tax people and they are demanding US$21,500.00 to reduce the tax on your company. Once I receive it I can take care of the tax issue immediately. You can send the money down through Travellex in bits of US$6000 in four different names...

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