Mavis Bramston

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Straight from a hot bath, Mavis writes a hot and steamy letter. Heaven only knows what effect this is having on a staid public sevant in downtown Lagos.

My Dear John,

I have just come out of a relaxing soak in lovely hot bath and I am sitting here fresh and clean. And naked.

You asked in an earlier letter how I could prove that I was a natural blonde. Well when women bleach their hair to make it blonde they don't bleach all their hair; there are some private places that give their game away, if you know what I mean. If you could see me you would understand how I can prove my claim to being a natural blonde!

The room is warm and I am getting hotter writing to you.

Thank you for your delightfully sensuous letter; it was a thrill to receive it and I will treasure it, as I do all your letters. I am very happy that you are warming up for me; when I come to Lago I intend to quickly move you from the 'warm' to the 'extremely hot'. Possibly beyond. I am very happy that you are warming up for me; when I come to Lagos I intend to quickly move you from the 'warm' to the 'extremely hot'. Possibly beyond.

Do you need me to tell you the divine pleasures of erring? They call them the 'pleasures of the flesh' and they are at their peak when they involve the pressures of the flesh!

Flesh on flesh, life and living as it is meant to be.

What are your secret pleasures John? What things drive you wild? What things would you love to do that Rita doesn't do for you? I'll do them for you John; gladly. Tell me what you would like. My fax is secure; you can be open with me.

And what do I want? In fairness, if I am asking you to be honest with me, I should be tell you something of my fantasies. I long to hold you, to caress you, to hold and admire and kiss your firm, erect manhood. I want to smell you, to taste you, to take you into me, long and deep. Again and again and again.

Writing these thoughts down is very arousing!

To more mundane things:

Alas, I did not get a promotion, the message I mentioned related to the Customs letter and the request that I explain the situation. Obviously I kept our transaction completely secret. I think I have sorted out the 'gift' thing; the Customs people just required a letter from our CEO. That has been sent so things should progress again in a day or two.

Yes, I think I have missed something. I am a little unclear about the travelling to and fro process. You mention Rita coming to Australia and, more interesting, also mention yourself coming 'back with me'. Can you please explain the travel process. More immediately I am looking forward (!) to coming to Lagos; when do you think this will be possible?

Should I book now? What dates would be best?

You have been unbelievably generous in paying the registration fee on my behalf. Obviously I cannot let you do that with your life savings and will have to reimburse the money to you. Beyond that I have my own way of saying thank you for your generosity; when I come to Lagos you will see how grateful I can be.

And now I am going to get dressed and go out for a walk; the cool night air should be good for me. I am still rather hot and aroused. Would I surprise you if I said that I had been masturbating while typing this? I feel if the pressure is there you must release it. I needed to release mine and I am looking forward to releasing yours.

Tomorrow I am off for a few days at a conference. If I get a chance I will send a postcard via Fort Ojomon. Discretely written, of course!

Much love, Mavis.

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